So, there’s something wrong with your plumbing and you think it’s only a minor fix. A light bulb moment—why don’t you do it by yourself? That way, you get to save money instead of hiring someone to fix it, right? 

Unless you have a background in plumbing or are pretty handy, we highly recommend you don’t try to do that. 


Here are some of the things that could happen when you try to DIY your plumbing: 

  • Flood

A common plumbing issue that some homeowners think they can fix on their own are plumbing leaks. What usually happens here is that there’s a slow leak. You try to fix it, but you don’t get the seal perfect.  You turn the water back on and instead of a slow leak you have a large leak. The result? It bursts open, causing a huge mess, possibly a flood inside your home. 

Moreover, if you don’t pay attention to where the pipes corrode, it can turn into a disaster when you try to wrench open a corroded joint. That’s a quick way to make things worse, and you don’t want that to happen!

  • Broken Pipes

Did your pipe budge, and you think all you need is a hammer to fix it? Doing so could likely damage your pipes completely, and where will that leave you? More inconvenience and expenses. So, leave it to the experts instead. 

  • Broken Drainage

Usually, when there’s a problem with drainage, the go-to solution is a drain cleaner. Sure, it could work and remove a bit of the blockage, but it’s not a permanent solution. Drain cleaners are only designed to remove clogs in a few minutes, but that’s it. 

The thing with drain cleaners is they can wreak havoc on your pipes by thinning them out. 

  • Higher Expense

One of the biggest risks of DIY-ing your plumbing is the higher expense. You may be able to fix simple repairs, but for more complex issues, that’s when it becomes riskier, and you could be looking at a bigger expense when you don’t do it right. So, if you attempt to fix a plumbing issue by yourself and you end up making it worse, you’ll be paying a lot more. 

  • Injuries

Some plumbing issues need specialist tools and equipment such as a plumber’s blow torch or snake machine.  Power tools become even more dangerous if you haven’t operated any at all by yourself. So, save yourself a trip to the emergency room and leave the plumbing issue to the expert. 


DIY plumbing may seem like a practical idea; after all, you get to save more money, plus you get some bragging rights on your next family dinner when you are able to fix a clog or a broken pipe. However, more often than not, DIY plumbing isn’t recommended unless you have the necessary skills. Therefore, save yourself the trouble because it’s not worth all these risks. If you don’t feel confident with it, don’t do it. There are plumbers who charge affordable rates to get it right for you. Also, to avoid any plumbing issues from happening, invest in regular plumbing maintenance. 

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