Clogged drains are some of the most common plumbing issues homeowners deal with. Although inconvenient, clogged drains can often be fixed easily, especially when the usual culprits are responsible for the blockage. 

If you don’t know them, here’s a rundown of the common things that cause a clogged drain. Read on.


Hair is one of the most common clogging agents.  This is because hair is a constant element that silently makes its way down the drain during your daily showers or baths, often clogging up the plughole. When it accumulates down the pipe, it can cause blockages especially when soap residues are added into the mix.

A simple remedy is to clear the lumpy strands of hair from the plughole after every shower or bath. Try not to inadvertently push the hair down the drain beyond your reach. Bring with you a long brush or hair catcher to collect hair strands.

Toilet Paper

Another perennial blocking element in your drains in the bathroom is toilet paper. Homeowners often use more toilet paper than the toilet system can dispose of. This excess toilet paper builds up and can cause clogging in the drains.  

To minimize the likelihood of toilet paper becoming a clogging agent, try reducing the amount of paper you use.  This will ensure your system does not have to work overtime just to keep the pipes clear and avoid clogging in the future.

Baby Wipes

Disposable baby wipes should never be flushed down the toilet. Regardless if your wipes claim to be ‘flushable’ we recommend never putting them down the toilet or any other drain. They are simply too difficult for your system to break down and dispose of effectively.  The result can often be costly blockages that require emergency plumbing attention.   

Food Scraps

It’s easy to simply wash the chunks of leftover foods off your plates and down the sink.  However over time these pieces of food scraps can build up in the pipes, causing clogging.  Foods such as rice and pasta expand after soaking in water, quickly clogging the sink’s drainage pipe. The key is to ensure that your dishes are free of scraps, before getting washed in the sink.


Have you heard about fatbergs? They are formed when collective chunks and pieces of fat form a lump that causes a drain to clog. Pipe cleaning companies often find lumps of fat stuck in the edges of the drains, building up until they begin to block the passage. Frying pans should be cleaned thoroughly by removing fats from them before washing them in the sink. 


Recurring clogged drains can be very frustrating, but diligence in dealing with elements that cause clogging and prompt action before it becomes more serious can make things easier for you. But once it gets out of hand, do not hesitate to call in experts to fix it.

Getting a 24-hour emergency plumbing service on your side is a wise thing to do so you can seek help immediately as soon as any problem arises. Designa Plumbing is your local plumber and gas fitter in Adelaide available any time of the day to help you with your plumbing repair needs. Dial 0404 197 651 for a quick response.