LPG gas is one of the most hazardous items in our houses. A tiny leak might result in significant consequences such as gas poisoning and explosions, which can burn your entire home and everything in it to ashes. Therefore, any gas issues are best left to a skilled gas fitter.

While most plumbers may say they can fit and repair gas appliances, gas fitting requires specific licencing. It’s always important to make sure the Adelaide gas fitter you are working with is not only licensed but experienced and able to handle any issues that may arise. 

Here’s how to make sure you’re working with a reliable gas fitter:

Licenced and Qualified

The first requirement should be a licence, which one must obtain from a professional authority.

For starters, a licence demonstrates that the gas fitter is operating legally. Second, it indicates that they have undergone a thorough vetting procedure that includes a thorough examination of their qualifications and expertise. They also know how to improve their gas fitting abilities.

Undertaking the necessary training to become a qualified gas fitter ensures the person working on your gas system has the necessary skills to do the job properly. But how can you determine if they’re lying or not? It is simple to decide on whether or not a gas fitter has a valid licence. Don’t be afraid to ask for a company’s licence and insurance before hiring them to work on your home.

Knowledgeable and Experienced

When it comes to the security of your home or unit, you can’t afford to take any chances. Ignoring the safety of your house can endanger the lives of your loved ones. Improper gas fitting and piping can result in a fire outbreak, which can be dangerous.

Gas fitters must observe several criteria when installing new fixtures, following the specific guidelines in our region. Failure to do so could result in serious legal ramifications. When installing gas pipes or fixing gas components, you must exercise extreme caution.

A competent gas fitter with years of experience will assess the entire site and, if necessary, point out any faulty work. Don’t entrust this delicate job to an unskilled or unqualified gas fitter. They must be capable of selecting the appropriate components on your behalf. Remember to choose an experienced specialist if you want to revamp old work or install something new.

Compliant to Applicable Safety Standards

Gas fittings should only be installed by professionals who are familiar with safety requirements. There are many requirements and legal standards that they must follow, with these guidelines constantly changing.

It is therefore imperative that you choose someone who understands and follows these safety requirements. They should be aware of any applicable safety regulations. Choose a gas fitter who works in your neighbourhood. They will be familiar with the rules in your area and be able to provide the best gas appliance fitting by making the necessary adjustments.

Reputable Gas Installation Provider

You should hire a gas fitting technician that works for a reputable business. It is necessary to choose a plumbing and gas fitting company that has completed numerous installations and has years of expertise in offering trained gas installers. Look for a company that is accredited.

Don’t make your decision just based on the gas fitter’s qualifications. They must have a lot of hands-on experience in this field. The professional’s expertise and competence are necessary. Allowing an unqualified person to complete the task is never a good idea when it comes to something that could risk the safety of your home and those in it.

Summing Everything Up

If you’re planning a house extension or renovation, you’ll need to install new gas piping to expand your design options. Perhaps you’re thinking about connecting your home to a gas supply line for the first time. Gas fitting is a large project that trained specialists can complete swiftly, efficiently, and, most importantly, safely. So, choose wisely.

Whatever your reason for needing gas fitting, call Designa Plumbing right away to speak with our gas fitter in Adelaide to discuss your requirements!