Summer is a fabulous time of year, with school holidays, Christmas parties, loads of BBQ’s and other family get-togethers at your home.  These gatherings can mean your plumbing system has to work overtime, and can often result in a breakdown of your plumbing system.

So before you get caught up with all the excitement of the summer holidays, take the time to make sure your plumbing is as ready for the summer as you are.

Below, you will find five ways you can personally check the condition of your home’s plumbing.

Inspect Your Toilet and Check for Blockage and Leaks

To check for blockages, try flushing your toilet and smell it. If the pressure is low and the smell carries unpleasant odours from the drains, then this could be a sign that your toilet has a blockage. If left unaddressed, this can increase the possibility of blocked drains, overflowing toilets, or leaking toilets. This is definitely not something you want to be worrying about, especially if you have parties and events scheduled in your house. 

If you find the above issues with your toilet, call your trusted plumber immediately. 

Clean Your Gutters from Debris after Summer Storms

During summer, fallen leaves and twigs can find their way into your gutters. You need to take care of this as soon as possible as it is not only a fire risk, but often results in blocked gutters. Thankfully, all you need to do is simply sweep the debris off. As an extra precaution, make sure your catchment system is clear so that you won’t have problems during rainy days.

Make Sure Your Garden Water System Does Not Have Any Leaks

Depending on the size of your garden, your water system may consist of a garden hose or a whole sprinkler system. Leaking from both the garden hose and sprinkler system can have a huge impact on your water bill. Sometimes it’s undetectable because the leak is happening underground, meaning you might not learn about the leak until your water bill arrives.

Be Careful with Your Hot Water System

Did you know that adjusting your water heater’s temperature below 60 degrees Celsius can foster an environment for bacteria like legionella to breed? You may think that adjusting the temperature is an energy-saving hack, but it only triggers potentially harmful bacteria.

While you’re at it, check if your hot water system is outdated, leaking, or too cold. It might be time for some hot water system repairs or replace it with a high-energy efficiency unit.

Keep an Eye on Sewage and Stormwater Systems

The summer weather can unpredictable. One day the sun is beating down on you; the next, you’re being struck by summer storms. Because you can’t be sure when the next storm will hit, it’s important to ensure your sewers don’t have leaks. Cracks in your sewer system can attract tree roots that are searching for water, and they can block your sewage and stormwater pipes.


While it’s tempting to jump into summer holiday mode right away, it pays to be prepared so that your family and your property stay safe on hot days. Consulting with your plumber and requesting an overall plumbing checkup will help ease your mind.

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