One of the most common and annoying home repairs is a clogged drain. It doesn’t matter if you have a clogged sink, shower, or toilet; they typically aren’t much fun, and can require immediate attention to prevent serious damage to your home.

Clogs in drains are generally caused by people inadvertently allowing things to be washed or flushed down their drains.  This includes food scraps, human hair, oils, fats and other nasties.

A blockage in your plumbing system is not only inconvenient, but can also be costly to repair if not addressed quickly.   

Today we are going to discuss the importance of regularly cleaning your drains and sewers to avoid blockages.

Prevent Damage to Your Plumbing System

Your plumbing system is the backbone of your home. It allows everything to work correctly. We have covered previously how the build up of nasty bacteria in your drains can be harmful to your health and safety.

It is therefore important that you have your drains cleaned regularly, so as to reduce the chances of your drains getting clogged. When you have a clogged drain, it’s not only annoying for you to have to deal with, but the backup of sewage in your pipes can damage your entire plumbing system.

Keeps Your Water Running Clean and Properly

The other problem with a clogged drain is it can lead to discoloured water and even clogging up of your septic tank. The more you use your water, the more oxygen and other minerals it will pick up, turning brown and dirty.

If you have discoloured water, it can have harmful effects on both your drinking and bathing water. Dirty water can also cause the growth of mould and mildew, which can be very dangerous to your health.

Avoid Expensive Repairs to Extensive Damage

No one wants to pay for expensive repairs to damaged sewage or pipes, especially if it could have been easily avoided. When your plumbing system is backed up or even damaged, it can be costly to repair. It can also have a negative impact on you and your families overall health.

Regular cleaning saves you money and reduces the likelihood of your home’s plumbing system breaking down or becoming compromised. 

Maintain a Clean Home and Peace of Mind

As the old saying goes, out of sight – out of mind. That is why most homeowners often forget to inspect or clean their drains on a regular basis.  However, over time, the buildup of particles and minerals from the water will accumulate in areas that are harder to reach, like the drain pipes.  This can result in blockages, corrosion to your plumbing system and potentially impact your families health.  So before a blocked drain or toilet causes you distress, we suggest you arrange an inspection and clean of your home’s drains.   


When you regularly clean your drains, you will help to prevent blockages and other problems.  That is why it’s essential to have your drains inspected and cleaned regularly. 

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