As a homeowner, there are a number of maintenance responsibilities that you should be aware of. And one of the most important things you need to know about is plumbing.

Although plumbing is a very technical skill requiring a lot of applied knowledge, it’s important you are at least familiar with a few quick and easy fixes when something minor comes up. You should also know when it’s the right time to ask for help from emergency plumbers.

In this article, you will learn some of the top plumbing tips you need for your household’s safety and comfort.

1. Test the Water Pressure

One thing that’s relatively easy to notice is low water pressure. Sometimes, it happens just because several taps are flowing at the same time. However, in some cases, it can be due to a more severe plumbing issue.

After checking all the taps in your home, you should also consider checking your pressure regulating valve. Sometimes, it may have debris stuck inside that causes pressure problems, but it can also fail simply because of old age. Additionally, clogged pipes and tap head build-up may also be emerging issues.

2. Watch Out for Toilet Leaks

One of the most common ways to waste water in your home is your toilet. If you want to check whether your toilet is leaking, you can quickly check by using some food coloring. Place a few drops of food coloring into your tank, wait a couple of hours, and peek into the bowl. If you notice that the color has seeped into your toilet bowl, it means you have leaks that you need to get fixed immediately.

3. Check Your Shut-Off Valves

Home plumbing systems have shut-off valves to control the overall water supply. Keeping your shut-off valves in the best condition ensures that you don’t have to worry about leaks. Plus, if you have an emergency like flooding, accessing the main shut-off valve will immediately stop the water from flowing to your home.

Aside from the main valve, toilets and sinks come with their own shut-off valves, too. It’s best to know exactly where all these valves are located, so you’ll be ready in case of any plumbing problems.

4. Watch Out for Leaking Pipes

Water leaks lead to billions of litres of water wasted every year. On average, one household wastes over 35,000 litres of water each year. You can keep your plumbing system from wasting water and generating high water bills by being vigilant in finding leaks and fixing them right away.

If you want to check if there are water leaks in your home, stop any water usage for one to two hours. Then, check your water meter before and after that period. If the meter moved during that period, there is a leak that you are not aware of.

It can be difficult to find the source of this leak, and if you can’t do it on your own, consider seeking the service of professional plumbers to help you.

Final Thoughts

Plumbing emergencies can happen anytime, so it is essential to know basic maintenance tasks and quick fixes. Most of all, it is crucial to have the contact details of a 24-hour emergency plumbing service near you, so you can have experts to help you mitigate any emerging issues right away.

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