Gas is one of the most common fuel sources, utilised by the majority of households across Adelaide.  Whether it is used to heat your home, deliver hot water or simply in your home’s stove or oven, your gas system is a vital amenity.  No one likes cold showers, especially during Adelaide’s cold winter months, so it’s imperative that your gas system is well maintained and functioning correctly.  

Gas systems can be complex, with a range of different parts that ensure consistent functionality and safety. If even one of them ever goes haywire, you may find yourself at risk, especially since gas is one of the most combustible elements in the household.

One of the most vital parts in your gas system are the gas fittings. They secure the connection between the gas source and the appliances, providing you with warm showers and cosy fires. It may seem unimportant at first, until you realise that any damage to the gas fitting can cause gas leaks in our home, putting your household in danger.

In such a case, your best bet is to hire an experienced and trusted gas fitter. While it may be easy to hire random people in an effort to save some money, the fact remains that you are still better off getting help from the best gas fitting service provider.

If the allure of a cheap service still tempts you to make a risky decision, you may take note of the following benefits we have listed below to try and change your mind.

1. They Will Be Able to Point Out the Problem Immediately

One of the most worrying things about gas leaks is that we typically cannot see them with our naked eyes. This means that, while we may get a whiff or scent of the gas, there is a tendency for us to miss it all. Not only is this dangerous, but this may also put your property at risk. 

Hiring a trusted gas fitting service provider will ensure you know if something is wrong with your system.  They can also make the necessary repairs to fix any issues, quickly.  This can reduce the likelihood of future damage or wear to your system and home. 

2. They Know the Ins and Outs of the Gas System

It’s important that the person you choose to inspect your gas system is experienced and has extensive knowledge of your system.  Aside from all the proper checks, they can also advise areas that may be prone to possible future damage.  Wear and tear is one thing, but having to contend with corrosion is a severe matter overall. Not only may it trigger leaks, but it may also cause loose pipes, distributing harmful amounts of gas indoors. 

Trying to save money with a cheaper,  less experienced person, does not always end up the cheapest option, and may end up costing you more in the long run.  Long-time gas fitting service providers have extensive experience with all systems, which is why it pays to hire them instead. 

3. They Can Install the Gas Fitting Efficiently

You can try to do it yourself, but are you sure it will be tight and secure enough to contain all the gas that is running through your system? By hiring an expert to do it for you, you get peace of mind that the job is done correctly, by a trained and certified expert, with extensive experience.   

While it may seem logical to cut costs and try to DIY the repairs, with gas it is simply not worth the risk.  Not only can it void your home’s insurance policy, but it can also have terrible repercussions for you and your family if you get it wrong. Remember, you must always consider safety and security over savings, especially involving an element such as gas.


Hiring the best gas fitting service provider may not be the cheapest option. However, they are still your best option, especially when handling something as delicate as your gas system.

Due to their ability to point out possible damages at first glance, knowing the ins and outs of the system, and their ability to install the gas fittings efficiently, they are one of the most in-demand personnel in the industry. Consider safety and pick out the best gas fitter now!

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