Gas lines are responsible for providing natural gas to a home’s heating, hot water system and cooking facilities.  Over time your gas lines may experience wear and tear, similar to other utilities in a household. As a result, gas lines may become dangerous and lead to accidents associated with fires and explosions.

As a homeowner, you must regularly inspect your gas lines, checking for any funky gas smells, and any hissing or clanging sounds from the pipes. With gas it is always best to play it safe.  If you do notice any issues or faults, it’s best to seek professional help immediately. 

So what are the most common gas line problems homeowners should look out for? Here are some of them.

1. Gas Leaks

Leaks are the most common gas line issues. Often gas leaks are a result of faulty or damaged connectors or simply because your gas bottle has not been installed correctly.  However the risk of a gas leak catching fire should never be underestimated, so it is best to treat all gas leaks seriously.  Even a small gas leak can result in serious injury to your family and damage to your property if not repaired correctly.  

You can track gas leaks by it’s very pongy and specific smell, similar to that of rotten eggs. If you do think you have a gas leak, it’s best to keep everyone out of the house and turn off the gas and electricity.  You should then contact a licensed and experienced gas fitter or plumber to inspect the gas lines and make the necessary repairs.

2. Line Blockages

Compared to gas leaks, blockages are characterised by weaker gas pressures usually noticeable in the gas stove and oven. Blockages are caused by pipe damage, contaminants, or debris buildup. If left unresolved, the gas line may experience permanent damage leading to repairs or replacement projects.

Another probable cause of gas line blockage is water. Corrosion is a concern that most pipes, especially those made out of metals, encounter. If your gas pipe is often exposed to water, it may develop rust and corrode from outside in. If you leave the problem untreated, gas pipe blockages can cause explosions and fire.

3. Valve Problems

Valves are vital for gas pipes as it is a mechanism used to control the pressure or flow of the material. Similar to water, you can direct gas to the desired strength to ensure efficiency. However, there are instances where gas valves may malfunction due to wear and tear or other external factors.

Sometimes, gas valves may lack lubrication, causing them to lock up and become more challenging to turn. As a result, households may experience an uncontrolled flow of gas into their stoves or ovens inside. If possible, lubricate gas valves as often as possible. But if they have become stuck, make sure to call a professional to have it checked out.

Health Concerns Linked to Broken Gas Lines

Typically a small amount of physical contact with gas is harmless. However, remember that it is a toxic material and the longer you are exposed to it, the more detrimental it can be to your health. Even in small quantities found in the bloodstream, gas can cause organ damage due to the reduced functioning of the central nervous system. Gas can also cause damage or irritation to the skin, eyes, and lungs. It’s essential to get the issues fixed as soon as possible to prevent thesehealth risks from occurring.


Gas is an essential household utility. However, improper maintenance of your home’s gas system may lead to accidents that could damage the house and hurt the people. Therefore, it’s vital to schedule a routine checkup and maintenance with a professional to ensure safety.

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