Hot water is a must for almost every Australian household. Whether it be for cooking, cleaning, or bathing, hot water is definitely a luxury that we can’t live without. 

Although a hot shower may be a great way to clean off at the end of a busy day, the therapeutic benefits of a long hot bath are not to be overlooked.  Below are a few of the health benefits that bathing in hot water provides. 

Benefits of Taking a Warm Bath

Relieves You Of Stress

When you experience a long day, having a warm, relaxing bath can help you feel calmer. The passive heating from the hot water helps the skin release endorphins. You can compare it with the same feeling you get when you feel the sun on your skin. 

Submerging your body in hot water helps you calm your nervous system. That helps improve your mood and also reduces your stress and anxiety level. 

Improves Your Sleep

If you find it hard to go to sleep at night, consider taking a warm bath before hitting the sack. One study suggests that taking a hot bath at night can improve the quality of one’s sleep. 

Warm water can relax the body’s muscles. At the same time, it also lowers one’s body temperature. A drop in body temperature can help you fall asleep faster since it signals that it is time to go to sleep.

Improves Blood Circulation

It is well documented that exercising helps promote a better cardiovascular condition. That happens because the more effort and energy you exert, the more your heart pumps blood. That improves blood circulation in the body. With proper circulation, your blood and oxygen continuously flow in your body. In return, the organs function well, the brain remains sharp, and the heart stays healthy. 

A similar stimulation to your heart happens when you bathe in warm water. When your body gets immersed in hot water, it gives the same effect to the cardiovascular system as exercising does.

Relieves Body of Body Pain

Warm water can relieve the body of muscle pain. The heat from the water causes your blood to flow continuously. This movement relaxes tight muscles and relieves soreness. When there is proper blood circulation in the body, the chemicals causing pain in your tissues are removed. Furthermore, nutrients coming from the blood help regenerate and repair these cells, putting the soreness and tiredness away. 

Boosts Your Metabolism

A hot bath is also said to improve one’s metabolism. In an experiment conducted by Loughborough University, it was found that soaking in warm water for an hour can help the body burn 140 calories. This experiment does not mean bathing in hot water is a better alternative to exercising. Instead, you can lose more weight if you follow your workout with a warm bath. 


Hot water is essential in everyday living, especially for washing and keeping your household clean.  Every home in Australia deserves a hot water system to make life more comfortable during cold months and enjoy all the health benefits it brings. It is therefore important to ensure your water heater is working efficiently at home. 

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