When you use your kitchen or bathroom sink, do you hear strange noises? Can’t figure out where it’s coming from? These sudden and strange plumbing noises can be both irritating and alarming.

These noises are likely coming from your pipes and can be signs of potentially urgent plumbing problems that need to be addressed right away. Here are five of the most frequent causes of loud pipes so you can know how to fix them immediately:

Reason #1: High Water Pressure

Your pipes may vibrate if your water pressure is too high. This vibration might cause a buzzing sound, particularly while the water is flowing. 

A pressure regulator is usually installed where the water supply enters the house in most modern residences. To avoid such problems, consider having a regulator professionally installed if your property does not already have one.

Reason #2: Copper Pipes

When warm water moves through the metal surface of copper pipes, it expands. This can often happen if the temperature on the hot water heater is too high. 

When they shrink back to their original size, however, they scrape against joists, studs, or support brackets in the walls, causing loud noises. You’ll hear rattling or shaking sounds coming from your walls if this happens.

Reason #3: Water Hammer

When a tap or valve is turned off abruptly, it causes a water hammer. The water rushing toward that outlet has a lot of momentum, which creates a tremendous crash when it hits the closed valve. When taps are shut off, air chambers are built near them to prevent surging water from smashing into valves. 

On the other hand, water gradually replaces the air, enabling the liquid to crash into the valves, resulting in the thudding sound. To resolve the problem, you must replace the chambers’ air supplies.

Reason #4: Sludge Build-up

When your pipes are having trouble draining, they may make a noticeable gurgling sound. This noise typically means the possibility of a pipe blockage. 

A blockage can be caused by an object flushed down the pipes by mistake,a build-up of grime or other waste, and hard water coatings on the walls of the pipes. Pipe blockages and gurgling or sucking noises often need to be resolved by a drain cleaning.

Reason #5: Loose Fittings

Pipework allows water to flow around your house, which implies that something is being transported through them, causing pressure and friction. 

If you hear clunking, rattling, or vibrating from your pipes, it’s possible that they’re not properly installed. It’s possible that they were never adequately fitted or that they’ve become loose over time. In any case, they must be repaired.


One way to fix noisy pipes is to remove the air from your pipes. To do this you can turn off the water supply to your home, before turning on all of the house’s cold water taps, both high and low. Toilets should be flushed while allowing all water to drain from the system by turning on the taps. 

As the water departs, air rushes into the pipes, replacing any air chambers that may need to be topped up. However, if you’re not sure what’s causing the unusual clunking sounds in your pipes, consult a professional! 

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