As plumbing systems in residential properties are hidden from the naked eye, it can be hard to detect if something is wrong with them until after a disaster strikes. 

Understandably, it’s pretty challenging to discern problems concerning compromised drains and pipes at home. However, if you’re aware and familiar with warning signs of a faulty system you can keep an eye out for the early warning signs.

So if you’re wondering how to tell if you need to call in a local plumber near you, here are three warning signs that you must have your drainage and plumbing systems checked immediately.

1. Strange or Odd Noises

Whether it’s in your head or your home, hearing strange noises is never a good sign. Much like how a vehicle might start to emit strange noises when there’s something wrong with the engine, your plumbing system at home will often do the same.

There are numerous reasons why plumbing systems start making strange noises. Squeaks and squeals are often related to worn-out parts that need immediate replacing. On the other hand, whistling sounds are associated with mineral buildup. And finally, hearing gurgling sounds when you use the dishwasher, toilet and shower are warning signs of clogging.

2. Smell of Rotten Eggs

It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that smelling gas in some areas of your home is not something good. However, it can be quite difficult to assess whether what you’re smelling is natural gas, as it is colourless and odourless. For this very reason, experts add a chemical called mercaptan to make it a lot easier for homeowners to detect natural gas when it starts leaking.

The smell of this chemical resembles a rotten egg. So if you start noticing this kind of stench at home, it’s critical that you call in an emergency plumber immediately, as gas leakages are dangerous. Not only is it detrimental to your health, but it can also cause a fire and possible explosion.

3. Clogging Problems

Many homeowners usually pay it no mind when drains take too long to draw in water. Unfortunately, these can cause worse problems later, like leaking and flooding. Hence, if you notice that your sinks take a long time to drain water, you must call in a plumber to check in on your drainage system.

Furthermore, it’s also critical that you conduct a maintenance check on your pipes and drains every two years. If you haven’t done so and you notice pooling in your kitchen and bathroom, then you should contact plumbing services immediately.


Unlike other systems in your home, it’s a little difficult to detect issues with your drains and pipes. Since components are hidden behind walls, you usually have to rely on your other senses to determine if something’s wrong with them. That being so, it’s vital that you at least know a few signs of a problematic plumbing and drainage system. In this way, you can quickly act on matters before anything gets out of hand.

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